Strategic Objectives

  • Financial Strategic Objectives.
  • Purposeful and intelligent Strategic.
  • Reducing current and production costs.
  • Improvement and transparency of turnover.


  1. The process of analyzing the factors at beginning of all projects, prolonged analysis and the changing change strategy when applicable and needed.
  2. Application of Doming cycle in all processes and sub processes, input and output analysis.
  3. Project management and precise timetable.

Costumer and market

  1. Social and organizational cooperation development and international approach with other companies.
  2. The process of analyzing and identifying of target markets.
  3. Requirement to increase market share while producing qualified goods to become a Global brand.

Improvement and learning

  1. Application of at least one organizational elevation in the company (EFQM).
  2. Knowledge Management, Team Work culture and positive Organizational Motivation.
  3. Application, maintenance, and updated elevation of the systems based on information and communication technology.