Copper Industry

Suitable economic and industrial growth of the MENA and CIS countries resulted from incomes relevant to the oil reserve along with governments policies have caused Middle East countries to be faced with proper increase in demand for Copper and Copper Semi-Finished products. Hot climate in the Middle East have also caused air conditioning & refrigeration industries to be developed resulting in increased demand of Copper Tube.


Copper Tubes imports by countries of the region have grown by 4 times compared to those of the Global Copper consumption.

On the other hand, Global market conditions of Semi-Finished copper products have been changed and there is a tendency to in-regional production and consumption of these products. These new conditions have caused the rate of the international trade to decrease.These noted matters indicate the proper attractiveness of producing the Copper Semi-Finished products to supply domestic demand in the region. 


Copper Tube types base on application

Certain Copper Tubes with specific properties are offered for each kind of application . 

Copper Tubes are mostly used in refrigeration (ACR) and plumbing applications.


Smooth or Inner Grooved

To improve the heat transfer characteristics of Copper Tubes and Heat Exchangers, the inner surface of the tube is provided with spirally running. Inner Grooving the Copper Tubes leads ton to carry out feasibility study of a Copper improvement in heat transfer properties. The heat transfer factor for these tubes is two to three times more than those for tubes having no grooves. Using such tubes in Heat Exchangers may improve the heat transfer efficiency by 30 percent, resulting in volume of each unit to be decreased without any change in thermal efficiency, saving the cost for used copper, less occupied space, minor compressors, minor fans, and consequently less noise, and finally reduction in energy consumption and improvement in performance of the equipment and ultimate competitive costs.